Monday, 12 January 2009

Congratulations, Dr. Luisa!

We received word from Luisa that she has successfully completed her viva and is from January 8th on, a PhD at Second University of Napels. In her presentation she covered her experience in York, the results of her practical work, protein-ageing as a common ground between her own scientific interests and BioArCh, and how the Marie Curie-Palaeo studentship helped her with her project. Due to the presence of two external professors in immunology, she got many questions about the immunological relevance of her work and a question about methods to hydrolyse Aβ-amyloid. She received praise about the multi-technological and thematic approach she applied in her work towards her PhD. Matthew, Kirsty, Enrico and Beatrice were acknowledged for their contributions and help.

Congratulations, Luisa!

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