Saturday, 14 July 2007

Enrico on Canadian Radio, Matthew on the BBC

BioArch hit the media heights when the paper "Ancient Biomolecules from Deep Ice Cores Reveal a Forested Southern Greenland" was published in Science. Matthew appeared on BBC News 24, while Enrico featured on Radio Canada. OK so you wern't watching, BBC News 24, but never mind, Matthews dad has the video of his appearance, so you can count the number of times he said "amazing!" No one has tracked down Enrico's radio performance, but there is audio of Matthew talking to BBC Radio Scotland on the departmental website (so there is no excuse to miss it).

Below is a selection of the news stories - the actual article is here.

Greenland ice yields hope on climate
Boston Globe, United States - 6 Jul 2007

Greenland reveals its true colours
Globe and Mail, Canada - 6 Jul 2007
DNA reveals Greenland's lush past
BBC News, UK - 6 Jul 2007
Greenland really was green, world's oldest DNA reveals
Sydney Morning Herald, Australia - 6 Jul 2007
Long back, Greenland was really green
Times of India, India - 6 Jul 2007
Greenland once had thriving forests, say scientists, Canada - 6 Jul 2007
DNA shows Greenland was once green, Qatar - 6 Jul 2007

Greenland greener than thought during last Ice Age

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